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After a long rest

Week 26 - Tuesday AM(training camp day2)

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I woke up this morning feeling like I had been run over by a big dump truck. Yesterday was really tough and the distance swum combined with the weights really took its toll. I downed a ton of electrolytes last night which I think helped. I was not looking forward to heading to the pool for a 10.30am practice. My coaches last words last night were "we will add in some quality tomorrow". Well this was an awesome workout, I just hate lactic acid and doing fast 200s is my toughest distance; it's not a sprint and it's not a middle distance race, it's just hell!

Warm up
1000 swim with snorkel
12x50 drill,swim by 25 on 45
8x25 kick under water on 40
8x100 free descend 1-4, 5-8 on 1.20

Main set
4x(2x200 on 5 min AFAP, 4x50 drill on 1min, 100 AFAP on 2min)

4x150 IM no free with 20 seconds rest

Total 6000

The first round I went 2.01,2.02 and 56, the second round I went 2.02, 2.04, 57, the third round I completely fell to pieces on the 200s and went 2.04,2.06, 58. The last round my coach told me to put my fins on the 200s and I went 1.56, 1.55 and then took the fins off to finish the last 100 on 58. Overall I was disappointed with how badly I died but this is exactly the toe of work I think I need between now and nationals to get some speed. My coach told me my turns were sloppy as I got tired and also I end up 2 beat kicking as opposed to 6 beat. We will work on these over the rest of the camp. Neither of these are deliberate and the odd thing about the kick is this is not what hurts. My arms were dead, and my lungs burnt pretty bad. Lots to work on but it will get there I am sure.

After the two hour swim I did about 30 minutes of dryland as follows:

3x(8 pull ups, 3x1 min of situps with 15 seconds rest, 20 overhead medicine ball throws, 20 chest medicine ball throw, 20 medicine ball throw downs, 4 mins on vasa swim bench).

At the point of doing this I was so far gone physically it sort of just went by without any real problems. The vasa was the hardest part of this. 4 mins equates to about 100 pulls on the bench which is tough.

I am heading home for a sleep and then back to the pool at 6pm for round 2!!!

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