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Wednesday 04/03/13

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Tired from weights. Telling myself it will pay off in the long run. Meanwhile. . . .

500 back/free
500 P
400 K
100 easy
12 x 100 @ 1:30 (OMG my arms were pushed to "failure" on these, literally)
8 x 4 cycle speed play
200 easy
500 P no paddles
100 easy
Total: 3500 LCM

So all of you out there who read this blog, if you have any great ideas on what I'm supposed to be telling myself when my arms are so tired I can barely lift them. Someone told me to focus on my lats - stretching it out, someone else told me to just rest a 50 or 100 - I'm afraid if I focus on my lats that I will slow down and certainly not make the interval. But if I rest, and skip a 100 (or 50 in SC) I can go a little bit longer. I'm sure in 2 weeks I'll feel better. . . .

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