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After a long rest

Week 26 - Thursday AM (training camp day 4)

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Despite having a restless nights sleep last night I felt much better today. Last night I could not get comfortable and kept waking up in weird positions where my muscles ached. My wife said I was swimming in my sleep and started twitching around 2am. I recall I used to do this a lot when I was in college but have avoided this to date in the second go around of swimming. I felt much stronger in the pool today and my energy level was good.

Warm up
1000 swim with snorkel concentrating on DPS
12x100 on 1.30 getting heart rate up

Main set
5x100 easy on 1.20, 1x100 on 1.05
4x100 easy on 1.20, 2x100 on 1.05
3x100 easy on 1.20, 3x100 on 1.05
2x100 easy on 1.20, 4x100 on 1.05
1x100 easy on 1.20, 5x100 on 1.05

8x75 kick on 1.30

Warm down
200 easy

Total 6000

I went 1.03s on the 100s which equated to a quick look at the clock, a turn and off again. This was hard but I was glad I made it. The last three were especially hard since I took a big mouthful of water on the last turn of #2, but I was able to get back on it. Unlike the 200s on Tuesday I was able to get into a nice rythm on this set.

After the swimming I dried off and did a dry land set for about 30 minutes, as follows:

3x(8 pull ups, 3x1min of situps, 20 overhead medicine ball throws, 20 chest medicine ball throws, 20 medicine throw downs, 4mins on the vasa swim bench)

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Updated April 4th, 2013 at 05:33 PM by StewartACarroll

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