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Meet Report!

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by , April 7th, 2013 at 06:52 PM (1314 Views)
Well, here are my meet results!

500 free 5:49
200 back 2:17.8
50 free split 25.3
50 back 29.5

50 free split 25.3
100 back 1:02.6
50 free 25.3
50 fly split 28.3

Here are the full results:

Commentary: 500 free
I'm really glad I swam this. It felt pretty good, which is probably why it wasn't super fast. At about the 75, I thought, now I see why people train for this. After the swim, I decided i would definately swim this from time to time. However, I don't feel compelled to train for it at all. That would be hours of work to drop 20 seconds. I'll take the 20 seconds and spend those hours doing sprinty stuff.

200 back
Swim-o-the-meet! This may end up being my best contender in top tens! A very strong swim. Still need to get out faster!

50 free split #1:
I think I am stuck in a rut. A time warp of 25.3's. I felt peppy but no strength. And it felt LONG, like that one extra second just takes it out of me. I'm sure I haven't done enough strength training and hours of sitting on the pool deck talking about my training.

50 back: Holly cow I can hardly believe I actually swam 4 events in one day. I was just trying not to SIT UP in the race I was pretty tired!


200 free? No way! Time for another split request! I decided to tweak my stroke and went with a total 80's stroke. It felt so good, like an old friend. I was quite tired but tried to go fast anyway.

100 back: This one I wanted to do a good time. I started to really die at the end, but I was abl to gut, grunt, and just go to the end. A very solid time and definately a top tener.

50 free: This was fun to swim against my friend Laura Zook, formerly Glass, maiden name Holt. Kept the 80's crossover kick since I didn't have the strength to kick straight legs.

50 fly split: Ok! At this point I was going to bail, but with SO MANY scratches, yours truly was purely on a medal haul. Did the split, and it was not a natural swim at all. I haven't done much fly this year, since it still is a bit uncomforable in my belly button. I think he sewed me up funny. My belly button inside folds don't look the same anymore either. This I can tell when I clean out my belly button! But, back to the swim - oh yeah, so notice my splits that I scurried home in the last 50 free, thinking it may come down to that for a 1st place medal!

TOTAL HAUL: 7 gold medals and a 4th place in the 100 free (50 free split).

I think i've had a good time and did some great backstroking. But, i'll very likely go back to the 4 x 50's, as the base events.

I will now watch whatever I saved on DVR and eat an entire Godiva solid chocolate easter bunny, potato chips and dip, and coconut water. Tomorrow: INSANITY!!!!

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  1. jaadams1's Avatar
    Nice job on the swims! Get training for that 500. WHile it's a "distance event", it's not super long, so it actually goes by really quick.
    We swam the same times in the 50 and 200 Backs this weekend too, so that means you beat me (if you take into account the male/female and the age factors.
  2. ourswimmer's Avatar
    Good meet!
  3. rxleakem's Avatar
    Excelent swimming. Super fast 2back
  4. aztimm's Avatar
    that's a great 500!

    so did you follow your plan, go all out and try to hang on?
  5. __steve__'s Avatar
    Nice sprinter's 500. 1&2bk and 50's follow, a solid weekend of swimming in every event!

    The one time I tried a 50 split from a 200 (scm) I almost couldn't complete the event's distance.
  6. Water Rat's Avatar
    Awesome Michelle. Great meet report!
  7. chowmi's Avatar
    Thanks everyone! No, I decided not to blasto the 500 free. They seeded men and women together, so I was in heat 3. I was only going to do the kamakazie swim if I was in heat 1 and that would be the meet opener. I took out the first 100 in 1:04 but couldn't find my groove, so just backed down to a comfortable pace after that. It is hard to do more than 1 theme. This year I picked back because a bunch of really fast backstroke women aged up, and it's 50/50 if some of the fast 40-44er will show up at all. But that means my 50's all suffered for it; if you are 1 second off, that's way off for a 50 and may not make top tens this year. But, i'm glad I tried the 500 this year. It right up there with getting your haircut, doing a bunch of laundry loads, or having a big one in the bathroom. I can do it but don't feel so compelled to for several years. Next year i'll have to make a study of the events and my relative strengths. Most likely sprints and fly/back. But I change my mind all the time!!!!