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Spring cold

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I was really bummed to wake up yesterday with a cough and congestion. After somehow escaping this past winterís flu and colds that seemed to be everywhere, I seem to have come down with something just as the first warm weather bloomed here. At first I thought I must have triggered my asthma swimming on Saturday in the relatively cold dry airóI dutifully wore my ever-so-fashionable air warming mask while running on the beach to warm up, but thereís not much I can do about the temp of the air I breathe in while swimming. But the onset of other symptoms today makes me think this is just a regular old cold/URI. Thatís actually a reliefóthe last time I had asthma problems it took months to resolve, and I ended up injuring ribs and muscles from all the coughing. Iím trying my best not to feel paranoid about revisiting that ordeal, and in the meantime Iím being very proactive about resting and upping my asthma meds in order to head off those sorts of complications.

I did go out today with my yoga mat this afternoon and do some lunges and a few planks on the long pier near my house that overlooks the Hudson. (3 x 5 each leg, and just 2 planks for probably not long enough). Then I plopped down on the mat with my book and basked in the sun for a while, which was nice. Hereís hoping I shake this thing soon.

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