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After a long rest

Week 27 - Monday PM

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I had hoped to arrive at the pool early to do weights and a swim, but I was late leaving the office and did not make it to the pool until 6.30, an hour after I had planned on being there. My coach decided that I should just swim a long workout. Luckily the pool was back to short course yards this evening which made it easier. I believe the pool is going to be LCM Friday evening - Monday morning and the rest of the week will be short course yards.

Warm up
400 with snorkel
5x100 free overkick on 1.20

Main set
4x500 pull with paddles descend 1-4 with the last under 5.10 on 6mins
200 easy
1000 with snorkel on 12 mins DPS
100 kick on 2mins
1000 free working turns on 12 mins
100 kick on 2mins
1000 free pull(no paddles) on 12 mins

Total 6300

When my coach said that he wanted the last 500 under 5.10 I honestly did not give myself much hope of doing this but to my pleasant surprise I had an awesome set going 5.20,5.15, 5.11 and 5.05. On the last one I lost my paddle on the last turn somehow and lost time yanking it off so it would have been even quicker. I was really pleased with this set! The 1000s were more aerobic and after the 500s were a little anti climactic. Overall a much better day today despite the lack of sleep and I am looking forward to sleeping like a baby tonight.

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