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After a long rest

Week 27 - Tuesday

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I was late leaving work again but traffic was in my favor for a change and I arrived at the pool at 6.30 and swam for just over 90 minutes. I felt ok again today on what was basically a long recovery workout.

1000 swim with snorkel on 13 mins
10x50 finger drag drill with long reach on 1min
10x100 kick on 2mins holding 1.30
10x50 back on 45
16x125 swum as 25 over kick and 100 DPS on 1.40
10x50 free working push offs and turns on 40
6x100 IM on 1.40 easy

Total 6100 yds

I held 1.20 on the 125s with the 100s swum on about 1.05s. Overall this was tiring due to the yardage but generally I felt pretty strong the whole way tonight.

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