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After a long rest

Week 27 - Wednesday PM

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I got out of the office as planned tonight and made it to the pool just before 6pm. I ended up doing a couple of weight circuits followed by 15 minutes on the vasa swim bench at a high tempo. The swim felt pretty decent, especially compared to this morning. I was joined in the pool tonight by coach Neil Walker, former Olympic gold medalist! He has not trained in a long time, but hung with me for a couple rounds of the main set and it was fun having a training partner. Now all I have to do is convince Neil to train with me for worlds next year.

2 rounds(10 reps per machine increasing a plate per round and no rest between rounds, bench press, seTed row hands inside, seated row hands outside, leg extension, lower back, rear leg extension, military press, lat pull down hands inside, lat pull down hands outside)

15 minutes high tempo on vasa swim bench


10x100 on 1.25 swum as 25 back, 75 free
12x50 on 1min holding sub 30
3x(300 breathing every 5 on 4min, 6x75 on 1.05 holding sub 44, 4x100 kick on 1.50, 4x50 drill on 50)

Total 5650

I held 29's on the 12x50 and felt pretty comfortable, and then held 43-44 on the 75s feeling less comfortable but not bad.

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