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Saturday, April 13, 2013

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Did weights for 45 min before going to practice like I usually do on Tues & Thurs - however, unlike Tues & Thurs, I was swimming with ATAC and not basically solo - usually not a good idea when my arms are achy from weights. But I lasted for 2800 before my arms went into failure, so I consider that a success. Might not have lasted that long if coach hadn't been fussing at the kids & giving us such totally delightful intervals!

600 back/free
200 - 200 - 100 pull (missed the 2nd 100 bcs my suit was so loose around the shoulders I couldn't focus on my swimming & had to go put on another suit!!)
4 x 100 K on 2:30
100 easy
4 x 100 stroke free on 2:00
100 easy
4 x 400 @ 7:00 (used the last one to cool down)
Total: 3200 LCM

I'm thinking it might not be such a good idea to do weights right before a "real" practice. Perhaps I should either a) skip weights on Saturday, b) not swim with ATAC on Saturday & just swim leisurely on my own (booring!) or c) swim twice - once a quality workout with ATAC, then go to the gym - mess around & get shopping and gardening & housework done & then go back later in the afternoon for a leisurely 2000. Leaning towards "C" at the moment - might need to hire a gardener, pool boy, maid and housekeeper though, lol. Getting old may be better than the alternative, but it still sucks.

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