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After a long rest

Week 27 - Saturday

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My daughter and I swam at the same time today(different lanes) and I suspect this is going to be the new norm for years to come! The seniors do dry land for an hour so there were extra LCM lanes while they worked out. I swam about an hour in the 50m pool and then moved to short course yard pool for the final part of my workout. Today I still felt sore and stiff but not swimming last night made a lot of difference in my energy level. This is giving me confidence that when I taper I will start to feel much better and stronger.

Warm up
1000 free with snorkel
10x50 with snorkel on 50 swum as 25 kick, 25 over kick free

Main Set
5x400 alternating pull, swim on 5.30
6x50 kick on 45 with fins

Warm down(in scy)
10x50 kick with fins on 45
10x50 catchp on 45
200 easy

Total 3800m, 1200yds

Swim bench
after swimming I went in the weight room and used the vasa swim bench. I did 3 sets of hard pull for 7mins per set, with enough time to grab water between sets. Even this felt pretty good. I always feel the soreness between my lat and tricep for the first few minutes, then it goes away as I get going.

I had a great set of 400 meter swims today and i am really happy with my progress. I went 4.50, 4.55(swim), 4.45, 4.52(swim), 4.55. I have not done a main set of 400s LCM since I got back in the pool and despite these hurting muscle-wise I felt strong and when I went to push harder I was able to pick it up. I start my taper next week which I am so looking forward to. Roll on Nationals!

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