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After a long rest

Week 28 - Monday AM(Taper week 1)

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I had a good day off swimming yesterday, but I was a little grouchy as a result of another bad nights sleep on Saturday. I felt much better this morning waking up 5 mins before the alarm was due to go off and feeling quite awake and fresh for a change. The workout this morning was fun. We were a little cramped for lanes since the pool is setup for LCM, so swam with a couple people I don't normally swim with. As a result the coach decided that I needed to wear a couple of parachutes during the main set so we could all go on the same send off. Despite being tough I actually enjoyed this and ended up still leading the lane at the end of the set!

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 catchup drill
4x50 over kick drill
8x100 with snorkel, 25 kick, 25 finger to drill, 50 swim on 1.40

Main set
8x150 with two parachutes on 2.20
8x50 kick on 1min
6x50 drill on 50

Warm down
500 breathing every 5

Total 4000m
My coach said we will be going about 5k tonight with more kicking. So first day of taper looks like being a 9k day, which compared to the last few weeks is about 2-3k less than normal.

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