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After a long rest

Week 28 - Monday PM(Taper week 1)

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My wife's father passed away(they were estranged) just over a week ago and she is heading to Iowa for the official service at the Rock Island Arsenal and then sticking around for a few days to handle the estate. While she is gone I am on Daddy duty. I suspect we will be eating a lot of Chick-fil-a the next few days. I arranged with my coach that my kids can come with me(they don't know yet) to practice.

Tonight I felt ok, but not really special. I arrived at the pool a little earlier than normal and got my warm up in before the masters practice. This meant I finished at a reasonable time and had a chance to hang out with the kids before we went to bed.

Warm up
1000 with snorkel
10x50 catchup drill
100 easy
12x100 on 1.20 working turns and kick off the walls with overkick inbetween

Main set
1000 on 12 mins
500 swim on 7.30
400 swim on 5.40
300 swim on 4mins
200 swim on 2.30
100 swim on 1.10
200 easy

2min rest
Timed 50 from deck
50 easy

Total 5600

The 12x100s were surprisingly hard working the turns. The 1000 I just cruised and got about 10 seconds rest. The 500 I picked up the pace and went 5.17. I held 1.04 pace on the 400 and 300, got out to go to the bathroom and then went for it on the 200, going 2mins. I took an extra minute before the 100 and went 56high(could have been 57, but I swear I saw the 6 on the electronic clock). I was not expecting the last 50 and actually had a very slow start but still went 24 off the coaches stop watch. Overall I was pleased with how the workout went, and unlike a few weeks ago I did not die hard on the 200 which I hope is a good sign. Still a long way to go but I am making nice progress.

One of the guys who I swim with in the evenings made a comment about me looking cut, so I decided to weigh myself for the first time in a while and to my surprise I was 175, which is much lighter than I thought I was. I will probably gain a couple of pounds with hydration but that's still lighter than I really want to be! It's too late to do anything about it right now.

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