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the other side of the fence

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by , April 17th, 2013 at 03:46 PM (512 Views)
You know you're on the other side of the fence when:

- You arm no longer feels like its going to fall off at the end of practice
- You can swim 2 days in a row with only very minimal soreness that doesn't even call for ice
- Your arm doesn't go numb when you decide to push the pace
- Your PT no longer wants to see you!

Yep, pretty much able to do full distance workouts now! Its a lot of work to just keep up with my lane mates but I'm doing it! Still sticking to mainly free and breast....I've ditched the fins but I'm keeping the snorkel on for most of the main set still. I did 3600 yards on Sunday and a 3850 Monday and felt pretty good! Normally I wouldn't swim 2 days in a row quite yet but my schedule got tripped up for a bit. Breathing on the right is still a bit difficult but I'm forcing myself to do it so I don't widen any imbalances that I have right now. While the intensity isn't there yet the endurance is definitely back!

I signed up for our association's meet at the end of the month (free and breast sprints) so we'll see how that goes! I'm a bit nervous about handing the starts/dives, but it will be a good exercise for my shoulder and I so we can start trusting each other again, lol. Its actually been pretty the meet draws near, coach has been having us practice our underwaters. Lately we've been ending our workouts with 8-10 x 25s, half underwater kick-out and half swim. Let's just say I am CRUSHING my teammates on the first half of those 25s.....then they all crush me on the latter half lol.

Next month: a butterfly attempt!

Grass is definitely greener.....hello spring!

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  1. __steve__'s Avatar
    Thanks Slick,

    I have some reading to do