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Afternoon at the Y

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I swam mid-afternoon today at the Y with a friend. I got some stronger inhalable meds from my asthma doc yesterday, and am hoping that they help improve the lung congestion over the next few days—if not, I’ll have to begin a prednisone course, which I’d really like to avoid doing. So far so good—I was able to push things a little harder in the pool today, and was very grateful for that. Here’s what I did:

1000 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 IM d/s)

6 x 300, FR with a traveling 50 BK (the first 50 BK on the first 300, second 50 on the second 300, etc.)
[I wanted to begin really gently on these and push harder as the set went along, provided I was feeling good. So I decided to swim the freestyle before the backstroke 50 strong on each repeat, and that worked well. Those “strong” portions were only at about 1:22 pace today, but I’ll take that—it felt really great to be able to push a bit and still be able to breath. We didn’t do intervals, just enjoyed a short chat break in between.]

7 x 50 or 75, first 3-6 strokes sprint, rest easy [I did 3 FR, 2 BK, 1 BR, 1 FL, just to remind myself there is such a thing as sprinting.]

250 warmdown

That was it! This was a very pleasant workout. So glad to be feeling better!

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