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Took yesterday off and felt off today. Also pondered riding my road bike again but that would require new components and a helmet, maybe later on this summer.


2200 m

500 WFS fr
500 drill

2 x 50 @ 1:00 fly/back WF
- 35 and 41

100 drill

1) UWFK on belly
- 31 (40m hypoxic)
2) on back easy
3) UWFK on back
- 35 (40m hypoxic)
4) on back easy

FAST (attempt at) 50's
8 x 100 @ 4:00 free (50 fast/50 easy)
- 32, 34, 39, 38, 39, 40, 38, 40 for the fast 50's

Two days ago I was kicking those UW further without air and 3 seconds faster, very strange. Those 50's seemed much slower than what I thought I would do - LOL. Maybe there was nonproductive currents, or perhaps I had a hangover from the bottle of Merlot I nearly polished. Whatever it is, I'll happily take those times as a benchmark for improvement in future workouts.

I don't work Fridays but do work Sundays, so I had the entire day off. When I got home from the pool I assembled my new push mower, then spent from 2 to 7 PM doing work in the yard - finishing just in time for a thunderstorm.

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