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04.20.13 - Saturday workout

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by , April 21st, 2013 at 09:27 AM (398 Views)
Swam @ Huntsville Nat w/ Dave and Brandon. Long day. My wife and her friend ran a yard sale to raise some money to bring a Chinese orphan to the US to study for a year. It was more successful that I had imagined, After swimming, I was quickly put to work loading heavy items. I was relieved of duty to go coach my daughter's soccer game. That went great. The team passes really well and plays smart soccer. Score was 3-2 but we had three times the shots on goal. I stuck around to referee a game after that and headed home to be put on yard sale clean up duty. Finished that just in time to coach my son's U19 team. Somehow we blew a 4-0 lead but this was a team that clobbered us 2 weeks ago. We are better so I'll take it.

Matt coached the workout. First set was pretty tough. We were supposed to get :15s rest but Brandon was pushing off on a fixed interval so it ended up being more like :05-:10. The set felt more like a broken 1500... except we actually swam 2100m.


300 Easy 100 Fly/100 Free/100 Back
300 Easy 100 Free/100 Br/100 Free
200 IM Kick
200 IM
4 x 50 - Descend to 200 pace (whatever that is... I've never raced a 200m free)

3 Rounds of:
* 3 x 200 descend - 3:00 (Supposed to be :15s rest - I was coming in at 2:45-2:55)
* 100 fast - 2:00 (Supposed to be :45s rest - I was making 1:20-1:25 which seems slow)

2 Rounds of:
* 400 Pull/Kick w/ fins by 50s. Use pull buoy as kick board.
* 2 x 50 Fast w/ fins
* 200 IM Smooth
On the second round, my calf cramped horribly on the fast swim w/ fins. Too much kick-not enough hydration. It finally worked out enough that I could finish the set. Still hurts now.

6 x 50 Fly w/ fins - 1:00

200 Cool down

(5200m Total)

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