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Monday, April 22, 2013

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The weather this year is going to drive me crazy. Super cold (for me) on Saturday, and really on the cool side again this morning - add in the wind chill factor & it made for a very brisk run to the locker room!

This weekend I was determined to do myself in as far as my fingers go. Cut my fingers in three places chopping veggies, sliced two fingers up when I found a razor I didn't expect to find in an older gym bag, cut another finger this morning on lap 3 thanks to the lane line, then got majorly whacked by someone's hand paddle (seriously, I had to double check that the end of my finger was still there), and finally, in the locker room, I managed to burn the side of my hand with my flat iron.


Could not really get going this morning. Warm water & bumping up the weights last week is my excuse. Did manage to hold up for the entire workout, just wasn't motivated to go for another 2000 like I usually do after the kids get out at 6:30.

600 back/free
600 P
300 K
100 easy
3 x 200 stroke/free on 3:30
6 x 100 on 1:30, descending by pairs
4 x 4 cycle speedplay
200 easy
600 various stroke/free
Total: 3700 LCM

Got to get to the pool M-F this week, as they will be frying my face again on Friday afternoon, which puts me out of the pool on Sat & Sun both. Ah well, what we do to avoid cancer. . .

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