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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Monday, April 22, 2013 7:00-9:00pm

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600 Free

Kick Set w/ long fins
4 Rounds of:
(assigned / what I did - w/out fins)
200 Kick Cruise (150 Kick) @ 3:30
100 MaxRest Kick (75 Kick) @ 1:30
50 FAST Kick (25 Kick) @ :40
Odd Rounds were flutter kick, Even Rounds were dolphin kick

600 Pull (25 Front Scull/25 Free Alt. Breathing)

"Different" Set: (I think John was talking to another coach at the meet this weekend)
8 x 25 Free @ 2:30
  • start on the "T"
  • Do 10 streamline vertical jumps in place (3 1/2 feet of water)
  • On the 10th one, jump forward, do 4 strokes and fast flip turn in midpool...return to feet
  • Do 10 more streamline vertical jumps in place (about 5 feet of water)
  • On the 10th one, again jump forward and race to the wall.
  • The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th people in the lane don't start till the person in front of them begins the 2nd set of vertical leaps. It actually works out pretty good.

That was a good way to kill 20+ minutes.

16 x 50 (4 of each stroke) @ 1:10
Odds Drill, Evens Swim Fast

400 Free Pull - breathe every 5
I hate doing swimming and body is made to take in oxygen. I did a 2-5-4 then flipturn for my breathing pattern each length. The two breaths at the beginning made it possible.

8 x 25 AFAP @ 1:00
did 2 Fly, 2 Back, 4 Free

300 EZ swim

4100 Yards

I don't think I missed anything, John was just taking it easy after the meet for the kids. Most of them swim 15 events over the weekend (thus the Triple Pentathlon)

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  1. chowmi's Avatar
    Excellent set of 25's! I'll have to make up something for myself. Our pool is deep so maybe wear TYR burners and vertical jump directly into quick kicking getting body out of water as much as possible on the leap? On a totally unrelated note, my and my girls are totally into McD's dipped cones. If they hand it to you fast enough, the chocolate coating (notice "chocolate" is an adjective, not the noun, hahaha!) has just a few more seconds to dry & harden. Tastes sooo good!!! And not too much ice cream. DQ's has too much and then you get sick of it before you finish and can't enjoy the cone. The McD's is just right so you really enjoy the last tongue-push-smash of ice cream into the honey cone cake cone bottom. Yum!
  2. jaadams1's Avatar
    Michelle, you're so funny!!

    I like to end my workouts, when I go to the eastside pool like tonight, with a large peanut butter milkshake from DQ. I pass right by it, and my car automatically turns in there on the way by...I just have to follow where it goes!