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After a long rest

Week 29 - Tuesday(Taper week 2)

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I had an age group meeting for my daughters swim team tonight so had to get a quick swim in tonight. I felt ok, nothing special and this was mainly aerobic.

16x50 on 45 swum with snorkel as 25 kick, 25 swim
12x100 free on 1.20 with snorkel
3x(4x50 back on 40, 4x25 breast on 30)
1100 swim with snorkel holding 1.10 per 100

Total 4000

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  1. chowmi's Avatar
    Hey I like this workout! Except it'd be a regular season workout for me. I'd probably change the 12 x 100's free to fast descend/broken on 1, 4, 7, and 10, then easys on the others, and drop off the last 2, heh heh. Then beat you to all the hot water in the showers as i skip the 1100 at the end. No, seriously this is a nice workout!
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I guess we now see the difference between a sprinter and a distance swimmer? I remember having long debates about sprint workouts vs distance workouts in college. In there own way they are both difficult. My problem has always been I dont have a fast twitch muscle in my body and when I try to sprint its a distance guys version of a sprint, which basically equates to he same speed I would go if I did not sprint! I would bet that from the blocks my 50 sprint would be about .5 - 1 second slower than my first 50 of a 500. I guess I will find out for sure at Nationals where I swimming all the free events except the mile(they would not allow entry in the 1000 and the 1650).

    Thanks for the feedback.