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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Thursday, April 25, 2013 5:30-7:30pm

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Tonight was a very very light day in terms of attendance. There was some kind of school activity that took away 2/3 or so of the Black Group tonight. I didn't mind, because I got a lane to myself, and really got to treat the night as a taper, and John worked with me on it as well.


600 (25 Free/25 V-sit scull)

10 x 50 Tombstone Flutter Kick @ 1:30 (held ~1:05s)

Main Set - 2 Groups that we rotated 3 lanes at a time:

1st set:
6 x 200 Choice Stroke @ 5:00 EN3 work, 31+ HR/10 sec. - go FAST!
  • I modified slightly, but with the same general theme:
  • 2 x 200 Free (went 2:06/2:06)
  • 2 x 200 Free Broken @ 100 for :15 sec. (went 2:05/2:03)
  • 2 x 200 Free Broken @ 50s for :10 sec. (went 2:00/1:57)

100 EZEZ

2nd set:
20 x 25 Bucket Pulling w/ paddles & buoy @ 1:30

  • John had me do something entirely different -
  • 20 x 25 Free @ 1:30 Odds EZEZ, Evens AFAP w/ overkick (these I held :12s, maybe even close to an :11)
  • He said I was looking very good on these

100 EZEZ

16 x 50 Free w/ paddles and fins @ 1:15
Odds EZEZ, Evens FAST - but use the paddles to go, don't rely on the fins

  • I didn't have my fins today, but borrowed some of the zoomers from the pool
  • went :25s pretty much for all the fast ones
  • was racing a 15 year old girl in the next lane over who was very fast...she had long fins on which helped too. I'm sure I would have probably gone slower with long fins on freestyle
  • The last one we were in the high :23/low :24 range and neither of us wanted to lose. Not sure who won it though.


200 Cooldown

4000 Yards

Now that's a good way to start tapering. I had fun with it, and went really fast on my swims too! Just need more rest, and less work at work. I can at least fix the resting is going to be there whether I like it or not. Good thing we're getting close to finishing our installation/fabrication project on part of the cherry room, 'cause I'm getting too many welding spark burns! Oww!

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