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After a long rest

Week 29 - Friday(Taper week 2)

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Today's work out was a low yardage, high intensity, long course meters workout. During one of the fast sets there was some miscommunication in the lane and I almost had my arm taken off by one of the other swimmers. I have a nice bruise and was left with a Charlie horse for about 10mins. I am glad it happened now and not the week of nationals. There is no permanent damage and despite a lovely purple bruise on my left bicep all is well.

Warm up
400 with snorkel
6x50 catchup
12x50 kick on 55 with fins

Main set
2x(200 swim on 3 DPS, 2x50 fast on 2mins)
200 easy
4x100 from block on 3mins fast(this is where I had my accident on #1)
200 easy
50 from the bloc

Warm down
400 easy

Total 3150

My accident happened on the turn on the first 100 of the 4x100 set and I ended up one arm swimming the second 50 of the 100. The rest of the 100s I went 1.04(still feeling the affects of the crash), 1.02 and 1.01. The 50 I went 27. All these were good for me swimming long course.

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  1. knelson's Avatar
    You're going to be a monster in Indy!
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Thanks Kirk. It looks like you and I will be next to each other in the 200 and I will be next to James on the 500(since they are deck seeding all ages together). I am looking forward to all of us swimming quick and having some fun.
  3. knelson's Avatar
    Me too. Based on your training I think I might just try to get a draft from you!
  4. jaadams1's Avatar
    And depending on if they are splitting the odd heats in one pool, evens in the other....or whether they do all the men in one pool and women in the other, I may be following a heat or so behind both of you (since I'm younger of course...still working on the being faster part)
  5. jaadams1's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by knelson
    Me too. Based on your training I think I might just try to get a draft from you!
    Just don't tell him about your secret weapon explosive reaction time off the blocks at the start!
  6. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I can guarantee I would not win the reaction time race! Slow twitch through and through! I am entered in the 50 at Indy which should be a blast. I bet I negative split it.
    Updated April 27th, 2013 at 11:52 AM by StewartACarroll