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Bonus beach day

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I had a disappointing diving session last night—I felt dizzy and headachy, and stayed for just half of practice. I hadn’t been feeling well during the day, but I was eager to get back to practice after having missed a couple of weeks, and hoped that things would feel better once I was out at the pool. They didn’t—I think the lack of sleep over the last week (medication side-effect) finally caught up with me. I felt totally out of my element on the boards. I got some good work done before I bailed, but it was discouraging to travel two hours roundtrip for just 45 minutes of dive time. Ugh—bodies—sometimes it’s can’t live with them, can’t live without them! The only upside to last night was the amazing view of the rising full moon reflecting off the Unisphere as I walked back to the subway.

Today was a much better day. I awoke this morning feeling much improved, and was able to take some time off to go out to the beach, where I met up with a couple of CIBBOWS buddies for a mid-day swim. The water was around 50, I’m guessing, and I swam to the white building and back, about a mile, my longest swim of the season so far. The water was murky, but fairly flat and very refreshing. The first half of the swim was long, against the current (“Maybe I forgot how far it was?” I kept thinking to myself), but stroking back the landmarks on the beach just seemed to fly by. Warming up on the beach afterwards in the strong sun was delightful. Hoping for more beach time this weekend!

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