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4|28|13 agility paddles, stroke form, easy swimming

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SCM - 3250

750 fr WFSP

40 x 25 @ 0:30
- alternate 2 and 6 - beat each length

500 popov drll

1100 fr WFSP

First time using agility paddles, they are the medium size. I like them alot. Appears my left stroke has the issues, need to catch slightly more outward of centerline and maintain this to first propulsive phase. Need to proceed with caution with left being the trick shoulder though.

Next time I use them I need to remember pulling with my lats, like the feeling of a lat pulldown in the area.

Today, I focused on letting the paddles free drop with the hands during early catch phase (letting them drift from hand surface some), not placing force on the paddles until hand/forearm is about 40. Streamline from turns need some getting use to.

Also learned my left up rotation is lagging behind some, effecting left breathing and left side leverage

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Updated April 28th, 2013 at 02:15 PM by __steve__



  1. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    I just got a pair agility paddles and am looking forward to trying them out. One question--do you have any difficulty keeping them your hand during the recovery? The holes on mine (size small) seem so much bigger than my thumbs that I fear they will slip off once I bring them out of the water.
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    They did move some at first, and I think they are supposed to be loose to help with certain unnecessary forces in stroke. I remember initially keeping pressure between my thumb and adjacent finger to hold them. I mostly used them with fins and snorkel to help, then after 20 minutes they just stayed on without any shifting.

    I do have rather large fingers/hands, and could really use a few sizes larger of paddles (fingers extend over the edge up to an inch) for fit reasons, which might be why they stayed on initially, but medium is all the store carried, and they seem to work fine thus far.

    Even if your hands are tiny, I am guessing eventually they will stay stuck to your hands as the stroke movements adapt to them.