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4|30|13 LCM quicky

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1050 free and drills WFSP

1) 50 UWFK hypoxic WF
getting close - made it to about 43M - surfaced when my body felt tingly
2) 3 x 50 @ 3:00 (25 UWFK/25 sprint free) WFS
28, 27, 26
50 easy
4) (fins off) 50 flutter kick
Oh - ouch!
easy kick back and out

< 40 minute workout.

In warmup, concentrated on a gravity driven entry (catch setup), into a solid anchor felt at the lat.

Interesting to note what used to be an uncomfortable hypoxic pain is now just a strong tingling sensation as felt during the UWFK 50. Well aware of my limit, and do stay on the conservative side of this.

Happy to see 26 again on the watch with the fast 50's with fins (25 UWFK/25 sprint free). If my head orientation is slightly skewed, the snorkel will catch. When it does, it sometimes breaks a goggle lense seal.

The 50 flutter kick was done with legs half baked. In fact, I felt intense acidosis by 25M. Just narrowed amplitude and worked through it to 50. Boy did that hurt. Had to wait before attempting to get out of pool.

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  1. fdtotten's Avatar
    Awesome quality swimming! 26 is blazing fast - you are making very solid progress on the speed aspect of your swimming. I do not need to say this to you, but I will anyway, always take great care when doing your hypoxic swimming. The head orientation issue with the snorkel will continue to be minor factor even when you are a long time snorkel expert, occasionally it just catches or gets water in the mouth piece, disrupting everything.
  2. __steve__'s Avatar
    Thanks Frank, I guess 26 is somewhat fast even with fins, it's good to feel what it's like to go that speed. I remember seeing in Ande's blog he goes 26 without fins at practice!

    Yes, I will indeed take great caution with the no breathers. A good thing is the constant attention of lifeguards.

    I did modify the snorkel some and it helped. Made the tube closer to my head and also cut 1.5 inches off the top.