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After a long rest

Week 30 - Thursday(taper week 3)

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I got to the pool late tonight and had to rush to get a decent swim in. The weather in Dallas dropped from a very pleasant 80+F to 40+F overnight. This time of the year can be so unpredictable! To make matters worse it rained and despite needing the rain it makes the commute crazy. Anyhow I did not stress out and grabbed a quick dinner and headed to the pool. At the pool a lot of people(many I did not even know) seemed to know I had nationals next week and there were a lot of well wishers. On one had it was a little concerning that I did not know these people, but they new me(I guess the old man who swims quite quickly in the pool makes me stand out in the public lanes) and on the other hand it was quite flattering.

Warm up
6x200 alternating free and IM on 2.45

Main set
3x(2x100 on 1.20 80% effort, 200 kick on 3.30)
4x(4x25 underwater, 2x50 on 35 holding 30, 2x75 back on 1.10)

Warm down
200 easy

Total 4000

My second tighter competition suit arrived today. The Speedo Fastskin3 size SR4 was tight, but will be great next week. I am quite shaggy hair wise and need a hair cut. I am really looking forward to next week to get my hair clipped and shave down for some fast racing.

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