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Diving workout

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I really enjoyed last night’s diving practice. It was a good night for our whole group—everyone seemed to be feeling brave and willing to go after difficult and scary things. I got to cheer on two of our more experienced divers as they did 2.5s from the 3m (forward and reverse). Meanwhile, I worked on dives that require a backwards takeoff—back dive, inward dive, and (briefly, just to make sure I could) back flip. I was really pleased to land my inwards last night head-first. It was only the second time I’ve worked on this skill, and the first was nearly two months ago, and involved hitting the water face-first far too often. I was worried I would regress back to that, but my body seemed to remember the skill. I did these off the 3m as well as the 1m, which was a first. Back flips off the 1m were a new skill as well, and were pretty easy to land. Now that I’m gaining some confidence that I can actually do these things, I’ll be able to focus more on making my form better. Right now my biggest problem is still with the take-off—I tend to be falling backwards as I jump off the board, which has me landing far far away—not a good thing.

I have been feeling so much better the last couple of days. Tuesday’s visit to my doc resulted in a second round of antibiotics to treat what seems to be a sinus infection (which explains why the diving felt so bad last week). The coughing and asthma is now not a problem except when I exercise hard aerobically, so I’m still holding off that for the time being. I’m eager to get back to my regular activity—I’m well into week 4 of this asthma/illness deal—but I’m also ready to be cautious about pushing too hard, and finally put this whole episode behind me.

My next event is the 2 Bridges 5K swim in the Hudson on June 1. I visited the wonderful Hudson River Museum today with a couple of friends, and seeing the exhibits there and being near the river for much of the day made me more excited about being part of that event. I’m not stressed—yet—about feeling underprepared for it. I figure I’ll bring whatever level of fitness I have by then to the swim, and whatever that turns out to be, I’ll end up having fun, seeing friends, and spending a beautiful day on the water. Right now I feel very glad not to have any longer events on the horizon.

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