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Return from Alabama + Mock dive meet

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I got back to NYC yesterday evening after a difficult five days with hospitalized relative in Alabama. Fortunately, that situation reachd a happy conclusion, and back in NYC I was able to totally switch gears and go out this morning to do a mock dive meet at the Flushing Meadows Pool in Queens. This event was an opportunity for local divers to get experience diving in a meet format and getting scores for each dive, but results were not official, and totals weren’t tallied. It was run by one of the local kids’ diving clubs (I had to join AAU to participate), and my dive coach was to be one of the judges. I almost didn’t go—I’m still exhausted and body-sore from several nights spent on hospital couches—but I figured that we don’t always get perfect circumstances to compete in, so I should take whatever opportunities that come up to practice competing. There were supposed to be 3 of us masters divers attending, but I was the only one that ended up going. I was a little nervous, but not too much—mostly I was just grateful to be there, amused by the kids, and thrilled to have an opportunity to practice going off the boards again. I consulted Coach Croft about my dive list—the meet offered the chance to do 7 dives, off either or both boards—and learned how to fill out a dive sheet. Then I warmed up, got some feedback, and got myself ready to go.

We were given an order—I was the first diver of 13 in each round—and things started. My first couple of dives were good, the next two were shaky, but I finished up strongly with three solid dives. Here are my scores—the first six dives are from 1m, the last from 3m:

· Forward dive tuck (101C) 5.5, 5.5, 5.5
· Forward flip tuck (102C) 6 6 6
· Forward flip with half twist (5121D) 4 3.5 4
· Back dive straight (201A) 4 3 3.5
· Inward dive tuck (401C) 5 6 5
· Back flip tuck (202C) 5.5 6 5.5
· Forward dive tuck from 3m (101C) 5.5 5.5 5.5

Afterwards, we had a little extra time, so we practiced synchro diving off the 1m just for fun. I had never tried diving with a partner before. I was paired up with a young diver who was a very good sport. She had to modify her approaches to match mine—our back approaches are different, and I’m not doing a full forward approach yet—but she was a quick and willing learner, and was able to match my movements. We did an inward tuck dive and a forward tuck dive together, and it was so much fun that now I want to do synchro diving at IGLA as well.

At the end of the mock meet mock awards were given. I ended up with an orange and a balloon. The whole morning was a blast, and the best thing is that these will be a monthly happening. I definitely want to go out and do this again!

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    That's rough with your aunt. I hope the rehab/nursing home situation works out for her. My grandmother (92) is fiercely independent and hated when she had to go to a rehab place for a while this winter. I think that if she'd actually been willing to leave her room and interact with other people there, though, she might have been happier.

    Great job diving!
  2. swimsuit addict's Avatar
    Thanks! She is doing ok out there so far. She did a pretty heroic job of managing on her own thus far, given her vision difficulties, but I think she might be ready to give up some independence in exchange for not worrying constantly about so many things. It helps that she already knows quite a few people who live or work out at the nursing home--small towns are good that way.