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After a long rest

Week 33 - Monday

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I arrived home around 10.30pm last night and grabbed a quick sandwhich and went to bed. My plan today was to do an easy hour stretch type swim. The alarm went off hard at 4.30am and I dragged myself to the pool. I am glad I made the effort because I felt much better after the swim. The pool was setup long course, which was hard since I have been concentrating on short course yards for the last few months(with the odd LCM thrown in for good measure). It was great seeing everyone this morning and most of my team had watched the live streaming video of both Nikki and my races. I think my team mates were as excited about the meet as I was. I just wish We had more attending. Oh well there is always next year.

1000 swim with snorkel
6x150 kick with fins with 15 seconds rest between 150s
12x50 reducing stroke count per 50 on 1min
6x50 swum 25 fast, 25 easy
200 easy

Total 3000 meters.

I plan on taking this week pretty easy before getting back into the groove next week. As I have blogged before I spanning on doing 4 or 5 workouts a week through the summer and then working on my next goals and a program for the next year. I am looking forward to spending time with my kids in the evenings.

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