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200 miles, playing tag with GTD...

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Yesterday's swim got me up to 199.90 miles on the year; ahead of my GTD goal-pace by only a mile. Since I started the week about 4-5 miles ahead of pace, this is not a good thing... the dreaded "you'll need to pick up the pace" was bound to reappear after its nearly four-month break. Sure enough, as the calendar clicked over, the exclamation-point-in-triangle warning symbol made its appearance. My 2000 yards in 39 minutes today was enough to stave off the GTD demons for another few hours... and put me over 200 miles for the year.

The swimming has been spottier over the last few weeks, back to 5-6 times/week. Last week, with busy-busy being the order of the day at work and home I only managed to do 4 workouts. My times feel slow. So maybe I needed a little break anyway.

I'm trying to get back on track this week with training for distance open water and middle distance IM. Of the four workouts I did between last Wednesday and Sunday, I felt pretty good about 3 of them, though I do feel like I've lost a bit of fitness, I'm trying to maintain and be efficient (get the workouts done faster).

Maintenance Workout #1:
3000 SCY/57 minutes
WU: 400 fr on 7:00
4 x 100 IM on 2:15
200 IM on 4:00
10 x 100 fr on 1:45
200 IM on 4:00
4 x 100 IM on 2:15
CD: 400 fr < 7:00

Maintenance Workout #2:
3600 SCY/69 minutes
6 x 200 alt. fr and pull < 21:00
800 IM on 16:00
600 IM on 12:00
400 IM on 08:00
200 IM on 4:00
400 EZ CD

Maintenance WRKout #3:
4000 SCY/75 minutes
Basically the same as #2 above, but added 4 x 100 IM on 2:00 before the cool down; so 600 of each stroke and an additional 1600 of fr and or pull. Fly feels a lot better, less tiring... back is slow, not as crisp as earlier this spring; same can be said of free-style... breast speed could be described as glacially slow, painfully slow... the stroke's evil-overlord laughter taunting me constantly... kick is so sad that hip replacement might be an option, just ditch the whole thing and start over. If going cyborg gets me breast stroke proficiency I'm prepared to assimilate, I hate that I can't conquer breast.

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