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joel schmaltz

Quick solo cruise

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I woke up at 4:30 to see if the Pan Am psych sheets were up. If they were, I planned on reading over them. If not, I was heading to the pool. No psych sheets yet so I cruised though this.

400 w/bout and snorkel
400 IM (k,dr,dr,swim)
200 EZ kick on back w/fins

8 x 25 fly @ 30
--trying hard to build some endurance
200 bk @ 3:15
200 br @ 3:30
200 fr @ 2:50
200 IM @ 3:00

200 w/d

Back to breast turns and off to work


nothing creative or exciting here. Just some "make it" swims.

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  1. ekw's Avatar
    In case I forget to tell you this closer to the meet, good luck at Pan-Ams!
  2. joel schmaltz's Avatar
    Thanks Ellen! I did some lurking and watched your backstroke swims at Indy. Nice job!! Glad you had a great meet and enjoyed yourself.