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A 300s sort of morning

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I had a very pleasant swim with a friend at Riverbank this morning. I had done some easy swimming on my own the last couple of days, but this was my first real workout, and my first chance to swim with a swim buddy, in nearly two weeks. Here’s how it went:

1000 LCM warmup (found an earring on the bottom of the pool)

2x thru
300 FR
300 FR / BK / FR sandwich, BK fast
300 BK / FR / BK sandwich, BK fast
300 FR easy pull with paddles

200 warmdown

I followed this up with a nice long stretch on the playground outside the pool, enjoying the sunny morning and the view of the river.

I have been exhausted and very sore the last few days, and have had trouble sleeping because of some neck pain. But with this swim I finally began feeling like myself again in the water. A massage this afternoon helped too. Looking forward to getting back into a happy routine with the swimming, diving, and weights.

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