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joel schmaltz

200 DAY

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I got into the pool a little late and had to leave a little early. A bit of kicking and drill work with this one. Just trying to hold perfect form throughout. Nothing intense it this was just what I needed.

200 free
2 x 200 IM k/dr by 50 rest 15
2 x 200 IM dr/swim by 50 rest 15
200 IM kick

5 x 200 @ 3:20 Lots of rest
-done as 150 @ 80% and 50 @ 90%

4 x through (IM order by round)
-200 k/dr by 25 r/15
-200 dr/sw by 25 r/15
-4 x 50 sprint @ 60
-rest 60

200 w/d


I actually stopped after round three (breast) and needed to get home. Only 4000 for me. I have been using my snorkel quite a bit the last couple of weeks trying to improve my catch on free. My left forearm "slides" when I get tired. I really think the snorkel work has helped. Felt stong and swam fast, for me, on the free 200's.

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