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Linc's Visit

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My brother, Lincoln and his family came for a short visit this last week. What a whirlwind of events! Several family dinners, early morning swims and the White Sands Missile Range Rocket Science swimming meet.

It was good to see him, his wife Amanda and the twins - Philip and Rosyln. The twins are totally into their Nintendos, but came up several times to play and collect some desert bugs. Our Mom had a great time and enjoyed seeing the twins and Linc again (he fixed a lot of things at her house).

Although the WSMR pool is a few inches shy of being official, everyone had a fun time at the meet. I think Linc got a huge charge seeing his son swim the 50 free in the meet. Linc swam well and I'm glad that I did not bring my suit (one of the benefits of running the swim meet).

It was good to see him and spend some quality time talking over family history and upcoming plans.

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