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They must have been from out of town . . .

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On Fridays I usually sleep in and enjoy an easy mid-day swim after Thursday night’s late-night diving practice, and that’s what I did today. (For this mostly-early-morning swimmer, anything that ends at 10pm qualifies as “late night,” especially if it’s in the far reaches of Queens.) I swam at the Y in the early afternoon, and did the following:

1000 scy warmup (400s, 200k, 200p, 200 RIM d/s by 25)

1000 straight, done as (4 x 50 build / 25 fast / 25 easy) + 600 moderate free

100 warmdown + dolphin dives

I had intended to do 6 x 100 (50 build / 25 fast / 25 easy) as my main set, but after enjoying my own lane for most of the warmup I ended up with 3 lanemates in the Y’s narrow fast lane for the rest of my swim. They were all ultra polite, though, and tended to stop at the wall to let me pass anytime I was anywhere near them. On my first few 100s, someone had just stopped to let me go by as I was ending each one, so I kept on going. (The alternative, stopping for 10 seconds rest or so only to catch them on the next lap if they went, or causing them wait even longer time if they wanted to go behind me, seemed like it would discourage their politeness. I’m all for having lanemates who are aware of where others are in the lane and willing to stop and let faster swimmers ease by at the walls, especially at this pool where there’s little room to pass to the straightaway.)

By the time this happened a fourth time, I was beginning to wonder if there were a conspiracy afoot to keep me from ever getting any rest at the wall! But I decided if my lanemates were somehow in cahoots to keep me swimming, I would just roll with it. So instead of trying to continue with my original set, I turned it into a lovely long easy swim, and enjoyed never having to worry about catching or passing anyone. It was very relaxing, and just what my sore muscles needed.

After swimming, I went upstairs for stretching and arm weights—making some inroads in both areas.

I had a good diving practice last night. I finally learned how to do a full forward approach—until now I had been using an abbreviated two-step takeoff (lunge + hurdle). By the end of last night I was getting the hang of adding three steps and a backwards arm swing before that motion, and finding a bit more height off the board as a result. I did my best one-and-a-half yet off the 1m board, and want to add that to my dive list at the next practice meet, now that I can do it without crashing into the water forehead first. Progress is sweet!

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