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David W Cochran

Sat May 18 - LCM at the Nat

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Swam at the Nat this morning. Dave M was there, but Dave B ad Peter were no shows. It was like a madhouse. We had 9 people in our lane - 3 of us doing one thing with a 4th doing some of our stuff but not others, and 5 either doing something different or doing the same thing at a different time. Added some excitement to the swim! And then the mass of youth swimmers showed up. At first, I could watch the intervals, but then there was no way - it was just go after and before the others . Oh well, still got a pretty good workout in even though it was limited to 85 minutes.

5x100 Free on 1:45
4x50 Kick
5x100 Free w/paddles
4x200 Free w/paddles
10x50 Back w/paddles
200 Free
4x50 Back
2x100 Free
4x50 Back
4x50 Free
4x50 Free
2x50 Free
2x50 Back
100 Back w/paddles

4000 meters
85 minutes

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