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After a long rest

Week 33 - Saturday

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Today was a solo swim. I tried convincing my kids to join me, but my son had a birthday party he was attending(these are becoming rare for him and he still really enjoys them) and my daughter just did not want to swim today(she is already swimming 5 days a week at 9 years of age, but is really enjoying it). I decided I,was going to do a pyramid swim today and thought the pool would be setup short course but to my pleasant surprise it was setup long course. I modified the pyramid slightly only going upto 400s but held a pretty quick pace and felt pretty good throughout. I really need to get my yardage backup and this will no doubt hurt, but longer term this will be good. I am going to,sit down with my coach in the next two weeks and work on next years goals and put a plan in place. Despite short course Nationals only just finishing I am ready to get going on the next set of goals. This morning I even caught myself thinking about doing long course nationals in August. My wife will kill me and I know I promised I would back off over the summer, and long term it will be better to reenergize and focus on a longer term goal, but it's tempting.

Warm up
400 free with snorkel
6x50 alternating catchup and finger drag drill on 45

Main set
All done with paddles and buoy
100 on 1.20
200 on 2.40
300 on 4mins
400 on 5.20
400 on 5.20
300 on 4mins
200 on 2.40
100 on 1.20
10x50 kick on 1min
10x50 catchup with 6 beat kick on 50

Warm down
300 easy swum 50 back, 50 free

Total 4000meters

I felt pretty good on the pull set and held 1.08 pace the whole way. I felt quite sore after the second 400 but kept my stroke long and concentrated on quick turns. I noticed in all my swims in Indy my turns were ok, but very slow. I know at 6.5 feet it's hard to tuck into a tight ball but I need to get over quicker. As i write this entry I am tired but I guess that's what happens when you taper all the way to no yardage and then build it back up again. I want to build a good base this summer and fall as a platform for next year.

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  1. ndauksavage's Avatar
    We need to do a flip turn drill because mine are slow too. I really enjoy reading all of your Blogs. Well I start two a days on Monday and Wednesday next week to help with my endurance. I really want to qualify for worlds by zones so I can be motivated to save money for worlds. I've really enjoyed watching the videos from nationals.
  2. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    Thanks Nikki. I have found blogging quite therapeutic.

    I think a workout focused on turns would be a big help.

    Good luck with the doubles. It will take you a few weeks to adjust to the increased yardage so stick with it. Tom said Masters workout on Saturday will start next weekend at 7am. I want to twist his arm for Tuesday and Thursday early morning, even if it's a life guy opening the pool. I suspect this one will be harder to make happen. I believe he is talking about swimming in Montreal himself, so if he commits to that he maybe open to doing early practice on Tuesday and Thursday too. See you Monday.