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First day of "taper" - on the weights anyway. Made the mistake of doing weights on Sunday morning & not swimming to loosen up afterward - still feeling the lovely achy results of that this morning. It took me almost the entire 5000 yesterday to not feel achy, woke up this morning again feeling achy. Brother - you would think I would know better!

So, yesterday we had an actual FUN practice - I don't remember all of it, but the main set(s) were:
8 x 150 @ 2:30, Free/Stroke/Free IM order
12 x 50 @ :55 & 1:05, 3 Free & 3 Stroke

Today was "1/2" weights - meaning I went around the circuit only once, then off to the pool to loosen up. Pleasantly surprised to see Jenna & Ali there, but they were 85% of the way through their workout when I arrived, so I still swam solo:
7 x 300:
pull no paddles,
pull w/paddles,
breast/free/breast, and
3 x 100 IM no free straight
2100 sorta easy, but just what I needed with achy shoulders.

Applied Traumeel to the arms & legs & will get a massage tonight & should be good to go tomorrow. Now if only they would get the LC pool temp as cool as the baby pool! Something's wrong there. . . .

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