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Wednesday, May 22 2013

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LCM@FGCU Aquatic Center
Air temp 74, Water temp 78
Sunny, humidity at 72%

Warm Up
Dryland bands
1800 FR Swim
4(200 Steady SPL-28, 100 Strong SPL-32, 100 Steady SPL-28, 50 Fast SPL-34)
---200 Kick w/fins

*Set 1*
3(4x50 FR on 1:20) w/agility paddles-fins, #1 ABPT BC-3, #2-3 Fast
---200 BK Swim

*Set 2*
1500 FR Swim
3(200 Steady, 100 Strong, 100 Fast, 50 Steady, 50 Fast)

*Set 3*
2(3x50 FR on 1:20)

Warm Down
2x300 on 2:00 rest, FR Smooth SPL 26-28

The workout today was the best one in several weeks. I still have to see how I handle swimming mid range distances on intervals, but at least my speed is coming back. In Set 1, I kept my stroke long and smooth on the 28s rather than max out for a 27. However with Set 3, I started out tired and should have done a warm down swim after set 2. But still satisfied, as I could have revved up and descended into a 31, but instead tried to go as fast as possible with the long smooth stroke. For most of the workout today my legs performed well with a driving kick, and my arms could hold on the water when changing pace from smooth & steady to fast and smooth. I am hopeful for continued progress this week. When I left the pool after the warm down, I was not exhausted or worn out, and could have done more swimming.

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  1. StewartACarroll's Avatar
    I am so glad you are feeling better. Continue to stay positive and you will do awesome at the PanAm's.
  2. pwb's Avatar
    Sounds like a good workout and the times look like it, as well. Glad you're feeling better, stronger, faster.