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Wed, May 22, 2013

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I totally rocked workout today. Finally, they are leaving the tarps off the pool - and not too soon either, with high's in the mid-90's the water will stay warm all night.

Learning how to catch myself in the middle of negative thinking and turn it around - it's so cool! WHY!?! didn't I know how to do this as a kid? It might have made all the difference. Was swimming the last of my 300's this morning, feeling grumpy that we weren't getting as much rest as I would've liked, and coming in to the wall on the 2nd 50, I was telling myself that it was like the 200 mark in my 400, only 200 left to go! Then when I flipped, something changed in my head & I was good! Caught the girl in front of me (who I had given a 15 sec lead) and nearly passed her completely on the last bit there. It wasn't until later that I realized what I had done (mentally) & it is just so cool - I remember as a kid, and even in my 30's, talking trash to myself & I would talk myself right out of the race. If only I had my 16 year old body & speed again, who knows what positive thinking might accomplish?

Anyway, workout today:

500 back/free
2 x 300 P w/15 sec rest between each
400 Reverse IM
100 easy
4 x 300 on 4:40
200 easy
400 Kick w/zoomers
20 x 50: drill, build, drill, fast - five times thru - last one from a dive - UNfortunately, the digital clock had been put up by this point, and the four of us doing this were clueless as to our times, but I'm sure we were AWESOME! Felt like it anyway!
400 done as: 50 Breast, 50 Free, 100 Breast, 50 Free, 50 Breast, 100 Free
Total: 4800 LCM

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