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David W Cochran

Fri May 24 - Tired

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Swam on Wednesday, if you want to call it that. After 2 late nights of softball, I was worn out. So, it was more like a Sunday afternoon casual swim. got the yards in (5200), but only about 75% effort. Then was too tired to post Wednesday night.

Swam this morning and was a little better. Keith was there so that help me get started. Still tired.

My wife and daughters left to go visit my brother-in-law and mother-in-law. They were planning a bunch of stuff and staying longer than the weekend. So, I stayed home. Now I can rest, relax, and whatever. Will get some swims in that I would have missed but with rest and at my times. Looking forward to the weekend!!

Ladder 100 to 400 by 50 (10 to 15 sec rest)
15 sec rest
Ladder 400 to 100 by 50 (same rest pattern)
200 Kick
Ladder 50 to 200 by 50 Back w/paddles
15 sec rest
Ladder 200 to 50 by 50
200 Kick
100 free
100 BAck
10x50 Free/Back on :50
200 Kick
5 x100 Free on 1:45

6300 yards
113 minutes

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