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After a long rest

Week 34 - Saturday

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Today was a long workout. I swam with the masters from 7-8, then lifted for an hour and then swam again for 30+ mins. My daughter swims from 8-10am so with masters from 7-8am I have a 3 hour window I can take advantage of.

Warm up
8x100 on 1.30
12x50 with some new forearm gadget(I did not like it) on 50

Main set
4x(200 free on 2.40, 100 IM on 1.45)
100 easy
100 slow with overkick
10x50 kick with fins on 45 swum 25 fast 25 easy on odds, and 25 easy 25 fast on evens

Warm down
300 easy

Total 3600 meters

15 mins of vasa swim trainer
4x(10xbench press, 10x seated row hands in, 10x seated row hands out, 10xleg extension, 10xback extension, 10xreverse leg curl, 10xmilitary press, 10xlat pull down with hands in, 10xlat pull down with hands out)
Each round I added one plate and started with 3-5 plates depending on the machine. There was no rest between machines or circuits. This took about 30 minutes to do.
15 mins of vasa swim trainer

After weights stretch swim
500 swim free
500 swim with hand paddles
5x100 swim with snorkel
10x50 alternating catchup and finger drag drill on 1min

Total 2000 yards

Overall I felt good today. The taper seems like a distant memory and I am building back to higher yardage and weights. My 200s on my main set felt good today and I held 2.20s. The kick is coming along but I need to work on shallower kicking. I have a tendency to deep kick when I 2 beat kick and the 6 beat kick needs to be quick and snappy(not two words I word normally use to describe anything I do in the pool). Home for a nap.

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