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Workout with team

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I enjoyed a good workout with TNYA at John Jay College this morning. I was part of a friendly and cooperative lane of 5, with Coach Brad on deck. Hereís what I did:

700 scy warmup, various stuff

20 x 100, done as 4x thru (no rest between rounds)

  • 100 IM @ 1:45
  • 100 FR @ 1:35
  • 100 FR @ 1:30
  • 100 FR @ 1:25
  • 100 IM @ 1:45

[I kept all of the FRs 1:15-1:20, and the IMs 1:22-1:30. This set went deceptively quickly, and was good practice for maintaining some kick in FR on tired legs.]

5 x 200 FR pull with paddles on 3:10, option for IMing middle 200 [of course I did!]

2 x (100 kick, 75 kick, 50 kick, 25 kick)

200 warmdown, including 100 synchro BK and FR with Hannah [sweet finish to a good practice]

That was it!

Iím looking forward to diving practice tonight. Tomorrow I might do a stretch-out swim at Y, but I think this was my last real workout before Saturdayís 5k 2 Bridges Swim. My current anxieties for that event revolve around whether it will coincide with the emergence of the 17-year cicadas. If so, I really hope they donít decide to go for a swim while Iím in the river!

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