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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Monday, June 3, 2013 5:00-7:00pm

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Spent 15 minutes getting the lanelines all situated in the pool. There was some disorganization with how they got reeled up after the meet last night. Plus some of our lanelines are short, and we have to figure out which extensions go in which "new" spots.

It was pretty much a recovery day workout today, since 99% of the team was at the meet last weekend.


600 Free
600 Flutter Kick w/ board - Locomotive style: Each lane kicks the entire 600 EZ single file. The "caboose" has to sprint kick to the front to become the new "engine". As soon as they get there, the next person begins their sprint to the front. If done correctly :evilgrin: you can get the lane to speed up for a certain caboose person and they have to sprint kick for a longer period of time.
600 Free Pull

20 x 100 Choice @ 2:00 - stretch out or whatever
I did every 5th one as 50 Fly/50 Free...all others were all Free.
Held 1:22-1:23s on all of them

16 x 50 SDK w/ long fins @ :55
I held them between :45-:47 or so. Last couple I got down to :40s, and the final one was under :40

300 EZ and out

4900 LCMeters

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