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Continuous swimming...

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Having spent the last six months focusing on intervals, stroke development, IMs, I've done a lot less continuous swimming of the kind I used to do... 2, 3, 4000 straight or maybe 1000 free, 100 back, 1000 free, 100 breast, etc., never stopping between strokes... little to no rest. After the 200s yesterday I wanted to do something today in the less intense range of the aerobic spectrum, so I opted for one of those longer continuous swims... trying to maintain my stroke mechanics at a lower intensity, but for a lot longer stretch; I really do like this kind of training, though I know it's probably not going to bring my race times down any... I still crave the cardio and this satisfies the craving just fine.

3600 SCY/61 minutes

1200 on 20:00 (alt. fr and pull every 200)
2 x 1100 on 19:00 (1000 fr + 100 IM)
100 pull
50 fly
50 back

A year and a half ago my postal 1-hour was 3530, for the longest time it felt like I was really pushing hard to make two miles an hour, swimming freestyle. Now I can make 3500 in an hour pretty comfortably even mixing in a couple of IMs, some pull work, and 2-3 rests of 30-45 seconds each.

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