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Fast Food Makes for Fast Swimming!

Thursday, June 6, 2013 5:00-7:00pm

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Rough day at work...11 1/2 hours of not fun. Finished off with helping to get a 30 HP (horsepower) waterpump and motor removed from the cherry line and replaced for the night shift. They had to delay production a few hours, and we had lots of (not) fun. Ended up with not a lot of break in between work and swimming today, but it is my last opportunity until next week, so I might as well do it.


1000 Mix it up - did all Free

Kick Set:
12 x 100 SDK @ 1:45
I started out around the 1:30 or so on the first few, then just faded back to barely making the interval. Kicking in LCM is just

Main Set:

6 (7) x 300 Free @ 5:15 - Odds EZ, Evens Fast
I got permission to do the EZ ones as pull, and then go as fast as I could in the Fast ones. We had to do-over the 1st one since too many people were doing 1-stroke my coach calls it.
I just suffered through this...slugging away near the back of the lane, but did complete it, and had a race with Jordan, our 13 year old girl phenom swimmer. Yes, I've now lowered my standards from trying to stay with Jared, down to little girls. I can't wait for SCY to come back!

200 EZ

16 x 50 IM Order 4x thru @ 1:00
Fly was the only good thing here, but even that was tough today.

200 EZ and out for award from the meet last weekend
5500 LCMeters

A picture of my 3rd place medal from the meet. Top 3 places got medals, the others through 10th ribbons. I was proud of this one against the kiddos.

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  1. tjrpatt's Avatar
    I was proud of this one against the kiddos.
    I felt similar when I made it back to finals at age group meets last summer. And making top 16 before the scratching. Of course, I didn't get a medal for my efforts and I had to pay 5 bucks again in bridge tolls when I had to go back to NJ at night.