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Sunday, June 9

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Warm up:

500 various
100 scull
100 caterpillar fly drill
2 x 50 backstroke kick w/fins holding med ball in air with one arm and other arm at the side
8 x (30 shooter + 20 EZ) @ 1:15
-- 4 back, 4 belly
100 EZ kick

Main Sets:

8 x 50 w/fins & paddles
odds = DPS free @ 1:00
evens = DPS back @ 1:10
100 EZ kick

6 x 50 single arm fly @ :30 RI
100 EZ kick

12 x 30
-- start off blocks, SDK to 15m
-- a diving clinic or practice was going on and the lifeguard was focused solely on that, so I took the opportunity to break the rules and sneak in starts
-- 2 AFAP, 10 @ 100 pace
100 EZ kick

4 x 50 DPS free w/fins & paddles @ 1:00
2 x 50 scull
50 EZ

Total: 3000


I knew during warm up that I wasn't doing a speed workout today. Despite a day off, I was still tired from the week. I guess my body hasn't really adjusted to long course yet. Still glad I managed a 6th swim. And really glad the lifeguards were otherwise occupied. I tried a couple starts leaning forward slightly ala Rich Abrahams. Didn't seem to work for me. My best and cleanest starts are almost always from a neutral position, neither leaning back or forward.

My Mom arrives tomorrow for a visit and for Teen Fort's high school graduation. I can't believe it's here!

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  1. 200free's Avatar
    Using the blocks totally depends on the lifeguard. I went off the blocks today during rec swim and didn't get in trouble. But an hour earlier one of my swimmers was hanging on the lanerope while I was explaining a set and got whistled at for that. So I guess who is sitting in the lifeguard chair determines what you can get away with.

    Tell Teen Fort everyone misses her and to come back to practice.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by 200free
    Tell Teen Fort everyone misses her and to come back to practice.
    I will!!! She wanted a break after nationals, but it has turned into a long break. She's also busy with finals, grad parties and work. She says she will be there Tuesday.
    Updated June 9th, 2013 at 07:52 PM by The Fortress