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A comfort swimmer's guide to easy swimming

Let the taper begin....11 days out

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by , April 27th, 2009 at 12:14 PM (436 Views)
SCY, with Carrie

20 minute warm-up: mix swimming, kicking, pulling, drilling; no paddles or fins, keep the equipment to a minimum: get used to using just your body for warmup.
{I did:
400 swim, mostly free with some back
200 kick, 100 w/board, 100 on back
4 x 50 drill
300 pull, used buoy}

6 x 50 choice on 1:00 drill/build by 25: you should be going pretty fast by the last 10 yards or so.
{did 1-fly, 1 back, 1 free, repeat}
100 easy

swim 4 x 75 backstroke pace on 1:45: work on getting the stroke together by spinning the first couple stroke cycles of each 25... aim for a DEEP catch!
{swam these around 1:02-1:04, counted 5 afap strokes then settled in to a steady rhythm}
100 easy

swim 3 x 100 choice on 2:30 as follows:
#1: 2x50 w/10 sec rest at about 85%
#2: 50 at 85%, 10 sec; 2x25 FAST w/5 sec.
#3: 2x25 FAST w/10 sec.; 50 VERY easy
{did these all free.
swim time on these:
35-37 on the 50's @ 85 %,
not sure about the fast 25's, hard to see the clock from the turn end of the pool.
swim time after taking out the rest was around 1:06-08.}

swim 3 x 25 off the blocks (walk back): concentrate on setting up the breakouts on all the strokes.
{did 1 each, fly-back-free. didn't get times}

swim down 5-10 minutes nice and easy. You should feel a little sore today, and that's ok; just swim down until you feel better.
{swam about 5-6 minutes (350 yards).}

Total: 2625 yards

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