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After a long rest

Week 37 - Tuesday

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So I discovered tonight that the pool is switched form long course to short course and back to long course throughout the day. My daughter swam long course this morning and this is what I was expecting when I swam tonight in the public time slot, but to my surprise it was short course. As I was getting out the life guards were muttering about changing it to long course. A lot of mucking around but I guess with the number of kids RACE now has its probably the only way they can make it work.

Tonight I felt pretty crappy to be honest. I swam ok but my shoulders were sore after all the pulling yesterday. I tried working primarily on my stroke tonight but caught myself speeding up at the end of my aerobic 100 set.

15 minutes on the vasa swim trainer

400 free with snorkel
6x50 finger tip drag drill on 45
5x100 kick holding under 1.30 on 2mins
8x100 free on 1.25 holding under 1.05(aerobic pace)
200 easy
10x50 catchup drill with hands separated on 45
10x50 with fins swum 25 under water, 25 over kick on 45
200 easy

Total 3400 yds

I started out on 1.05s but by number 4 was down to 1.03 and by six was at 1.01 and 1min on the last one. I did not feel bad but my shoulders were sore.

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Updated June 11th, 2013 at 09:23 PM by StewartACarroll

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