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New crossfitness class

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by , June 12th, 2013 at 03:05 PM (732 Views)
Long time no blogging! I've been so busy with end of year school stuff and work that I haven't been on very much lately. I am so glad it is the summer and I can get in some good training!

My girls quit karate, so I took over the balance of their annual pre-paid dues and now I am doing the adult cross training class on Tues/Thurs nights until the end of the year. YIKES! That's a lot of prepaid classes!! No, actually I really like it! It's 1 hour but we often go overtime to about 1:20. In fact, I like it so much i'll probably keep it up!!!

I must say, I started in great shape due to P90X and Insanity. Of course, one can always improve. I want to be able to do pull ups on bars where you have to bend your knee. No cheaty kicks. I cannot even do ONE right now!!!

Swimming-wise i'm not as consistent with exactly what to do each week, but manage to get in good sets. Yesterday I swam on my own and made a point of doing a fast 50 off the blocks. It felt as good as ever, which isn't great but I suppose you have to go through mediocre purgatory before really getting that awesome fine tuning. I went 29veryflatlongsecondto30 but it was still 29didn'tsee28. I would like to get to 28's as consistently as I can ho-hum-am-I-swimming-today-yes-i-suppose-i-will get up and 28sty with no fanfare. If I 28'd it now, it would be like, is anyone around? did you see that? Wasn't I awesome? (SCM)

I am quite happy with my backstroking. In fact, i've decided that my main events will be:

4 x 50's
100 IM
100/200 back

The really nice thing about these events are when you think about what you do in workouts. Mostly sprint bits, IMs, heavier sprints on the 50 free, and any conditioning set is...backstroke! That way, I can totally avoid doing sets like 8 x 100's freestyle. I just do 'em backstroke!

No plans to race this summer. I really don't like LCM so I see no reason to do it. I will try to swim meets in SCM as much as I can, but it always conflicts with local USA SCY meets. I'd like to get some backstroke USA times in, and all my times are getting stale and I should enter some meets and built up my arsenal SWIMS times to at least within a 2 year range.

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  1. arthur's Avatar
    I am happy to see you are keeping up with the backstroke. I think having unlimited access to air lets you push yourself harder than any other stroke.
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    I really don't like long course either! Considering retirement after my meet on June 23-23.

    Glad you are getting so fit! End of year school and sports are killing me too. #2 graduates from HS on Friday; #1 from 6th grade.