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Thursday, June 13

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Can't be bothered even to write what I did. I'm pretty much a stress case right now. My brain is on hyper drive with all the moving/sports/parties/graduation activities, and I'm not sleeping well at all. Tomorrow is Teen Fort's graduation. There is a monster storm coming and some threat that there will be a power outage. Hope not! Also have Lil Fort's Potomac Valley track JOs out in Md this weekend. BZY! Good thing I'm resting as I have no time to train.

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Swim Workouts


  1. magick17's Avatar
    breathe!! it'll be good....breathe!!!
  2. The Fortress's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by magick17
    breathe!! it'll be good....breathe!!!
    Trying. I just keep getting hit with issues. Today, I almost got lost on the way to Track JOs.